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Now is the time to prepare for autonomous undersea conflict.

Undersea warfare is undergoing a profound transformation.

Autonomous systems are poised to redefine the nature of armed conflict beneath the waves, and their deployment in the opaque subsea domain will unfold in ways that have yet to be imagined.

Since 2016, Strikepod Systems has been monitoring the rapid evolution of unmanned undersea systems (UUS), mine warfare (MIW), and subsea/seabed warfare (SSW), equipping defense, policy, industry, and intelligence customers with the creative insights and analyses they need to anticipate the threats and opportunities of autonomous undersea operations.

We can help you navigate the challenges ahead.

Our premium research service provides comprehensive coverage of autonomous undersea systems and operations, including:

The actionable insights you need.

As a client, you'll receive original, creative, forward-thinking analyses of issues, ideas, developments, and topics of critical interest to the undersea warfare community, all delivered directly to your inbox. Deliverables include:

Regular briefings on significant developments in UUS, MIW, and SSW, such as:

Ukraine Developing Combat UUV
Taiwanese Combat AUV Under Development
DPRK Claims to Possess a Nuclear-Armed UUV
Reported Sevastopol USV Attack
Estimating XLUUV Lethality
AUKUS Augmented: AUVs, Mines for the RAN
UKR and Guerilla Naval Warfare
Sarma and Under-Ice Operations
Chinese AUV Spotted at Zhuhai

In-depth analyses, such as:

China | Nuclear-Powered Undersea Swarms
Chinese Research on Blended Wing Underwater Gliders
Mind the Gliders
Hammerhead, Orca, SSGN
UMS and Port Cybersecurity
Countering Poseidon
Cyber in the Undersea

Via a dedicated Slack channel, as well as report release webinars with Q&A.

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