April 4, 2023 · 🇹🇼 Dispatch Combat UUV

Taiwanese Combat AUV Under Development


Taiwan English News is reporting that Taiwanese robotics company Thunder Tiger Group has developed an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), the Seawolf 400.

The report refers to the vehicle as a "combat system" that has been "specifically designed as an asymmetrical warfare combat system in response to increasing belligerent actions by China’s PLA forces in and around the Taiwan Strait."

If true, an inventory of weaponized LD-AUVs would both diversify and augment Taiwan's mine warfare capability.

The vehicle's relatively low endurance would be a significant limiting factor in its operations.

The intended launch platform is unknown

The most likely mission for such a weapon would be to conduct attacks on stationary targets, such as People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) ports and Chinese coastal facilities.


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