About Strikepod Systems

"Across the government, there were failures … The most important failure was one of imagination."
    -- The 911 Commission

We are witnessing the dawn of a new era in naval warfare. It is warfare in miniature, but warfare nonetheless, with far-reaching implications for national and global security.

Navies worldwide are currently racing to develop highly advanced, unmanned microsubmarines. Thanks to a stream of scientific and technological breakthroughs in power production, propulsion, undersea communications, weapons technology, and signal processing, revolutionary miniature submarines are joining the fleets of navies worldwide, ushering in a new era of conflict: the era of micronaval warfare.


Strikepod Systems was founded in 2016 with a singular mission: To imagine and envision micronaval warfare.


David R. Strachan, Senior Analyst
David Strachan is a defense analyst specializing in unmanned maritime systems. Through a combination of in-depth research, rigorous analysis, and speculative fiction (i.e. fiction intelligence, or FICINT), he provides warfighters and policymakers with the ideas and insights they need to successfully navigate the challenges of micronaval conflict. Mr. Strachan holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Lafayette College. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his family.

Dhimas Afihandarin, Principal Design Engineer
Dhimas Afihandarin is a generalist and 3D artist from the Indonesian province of East Java specializing in the mechanical design of aircraft, ships, and undersea systems. His main tools of trade are Blender 3D, MS Excel or any relevant means of calculation, as well as an arsenal of digital books containing details and various concepts of his interests. His skills range from concept design to full 3D models, including environment building/lighting/rendering and human modeling. When not designing next generation unmanned systems, Mr. Afihandarin dreams of producing his own comic books and animated films. He holds a bachelors degree in Biology from University of Airlangga, and can be reached through his DeviantArt profile at stealthflanker.deviantart.com. He is also an active member of several forums like Secret Projects and Key Publishing.

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