July 6, 2017 · Gwisin Sea of Japan DPRK

Large Gwisin Deployment Detected

Strikepods prosecuting Operation Noble Prowl in the Sea of Japan have detected a large-scale deployment of Gwisin-class microsubmarines in the waters off Sinpo and Mayang-Do.

As we reported in May, KPN submarines remain distributed in three concentric arcs beginning approximately 15km from the port city of Sinpo.

  • At the time of our report, intelligence indicated that the inner arc was comprised of a Shāyú-type microsubmarine, suggesting that there could be collaboration between Pyongyang and Beijing.
  • Further intelligence revealed a KPN program to develop a micronaval capability aided by Chinese technology acquired through a complex network of front companies.

Over the last 72 hours, we have identified fifteen new contacts as Gwisin-class microsubmarines.

  • Four vessels are patrolling the straight between Sinpo and Mayang-Do, with the remainder taking up positions in the inner arc of KPN undersea defenses.
  • There are now approximately 22-26 Gwisins operating in the region.
  • Four additional 6-vessel Strikepods have been deployed, doubling the total number in theater to eight.

DPRK intentions are uncertain, though it has coincided with North Korea's successful July 4th ICBM test.

  • Pyongyang continues to provoke the United States, and believes that military action by the United States may be unavoidable. As such the pariah nation is taking steps to bolster its ongoing area denial operation.
  • At this time, however, no additional submarines have been detected in the area, therefore we believe the KPN has increased only its micronaval presence to broaden its sensor capability. It is unknown whether the Gwisins are armed.

A Recap of the Gwisin-class

  • The Gwisin incorporates several technologies found in the Shāyú-class microsubmarine, including signal processing, communications, and propulsion, but is powered by a high energy density battery, not a micronuclear reactor like the Shāyú.

  • Sensor data collected during the engagement suggests that, while highly maneuverable, the Gwisin's top speed is less that 15kts, and is likely only between 10-12kts.

  • The Gwisin is a solo actor. That is, there is no indication of network capability or collaboration with other microsubmarines.

  • Though it incorporates powerful signal processing technology, we believe that the Gwisin is only marginally autonomous.

Strikepod Command


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