May 8, 2017 · Noble Prowl Sinpo Mayang-Do Sitreps

SITREP: Operation Noble Prowl

Operation Noble Prowl continues in the waters off North Korea where a significant KPN area denial operation is underway near Sinpo / Mayang-do.

  • Strikepods Tango-1 and Tango-2 have detected five Yono-class midget submarines in the waters off Mayang-do, between 10-12 km S/SE of Sinpo.
  • Strikepod Tango-2 has detected three Sang-O-class boats between 15 and 20 km S/Se of Sinpo.
  • Strikepod Tango-1 has detected numerous small vessels in the shallower waters surrounding Mayang-Do, as well as between the island and the city of Sinpo.

Small vessels detected near Sinpo and Mayang-Do appear to be Shāyú-class microsubmarines.

  • There are, however, slight deviations in acoustic signature from the Shāyú.
  • While they could be PLAN Shāyús, we do not believe Beijing would authorize PLAN activity in this area.
  • While we are not certain, indications are that the DPRK has deployed a microsubmarine utilizing technology similar to the Shāyú-class. Whether this technology was stolen or acquired via legitimate means is uncertain. It is unlikely, however, that the technology was transferred with Beijing's knowledge or consent.

KPN submarines have been deployed in three concentric arcs beginning approximately 15km from Sinpo.

  • Outer arc is comprised of attack submarines, Sang-O and possibly Romeo-class.
  • Middle arc is comprised of at least five Yono-class midget submarines.
  • Inner arc is comprised of as-yet unidentified Shāyú-class variant microsubmarines.
  • Force structure suggests Pyongyang is defending against an undersea insertion of special forces.

Strikepod Command


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