May 8, 2017 · Noble Prowl Sinpo Mayang-Do Sitreps

SITREP: Operation Noble Prowl

Operation Noble Prowl continues in the waters off North Korea where a significant KPN area denial operation is underway near Sinpo / Mayang-do.

  • Strikepods Tango-1 and Tango-2 have detected five Yono-class midget submarines in the waters off Mayang-do, between 10-12 km S/SE of Sinpo.
  • Strikepod Tango-2 has detected three Sang-O-class boats between 15 and 20 km S/Se of Sinpo.
  • Strikepod Tango-1 has detected numerous small vessels in the shallower waters surrounding Mayang-Do, as well as between the island and the city of Sinpo.

Small vessels detected near Sinpo and Mayang-Do appear to be Shāyú-class microsubmarines.

  • There are, however, slight deviations in acoustic signature from the Shāyú.
  • While they could be PLAN Shāyús, we do not believe Beijing would authorize PLAN activity in this area.
  • While we are not certain, indications are that the DPRK has deployed a microsubmarine utilizing technology similar to the Shāyú-class. Whether this technology was stolen or acquired via legitimate means is uncertain. It is unlikely, however, that the technology was transferred with Beijing's knowledge or consent.

![alt](/content/images/2017/05/sinpo_arcs-1.png) KPN submarines have been deployed in three concentric arcs beginning approximately 15km from Sinpo.

  • Outer arc is comprised of attack submarines, Sang-O and possibly Romeo-class.
  • Middle arc is comprised of at least five Yono-class midget submarines.
  • Inner arc is comprised of as-yet unidentified Shāyú-class variant microsubmarines.
  • Force structure suggests Pyongyang is defending against an undersea insertion of special forces.

Strikepod Command


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