March 30, 2018 · Russia Istina Arctic ICEX2018

Dispatches from ICEX: Amber 1 & 2

Significant Russian submarine activity underway near ICEX perimeter.

  • Two Akula-class submarines were detected ████████.
  • Three Kilo-class detected ████████.
  • At this time no Russian micronaval activity has been detected.
  • Also at this time Russians appear content to observe and have not acted in a provocative manner.

AMBER proceeding as planned.

  • Per Phase 1, ADSEWA Strikepods have successfully deployed to the Arctic shelf and undergone environmental testing.
  • During Phase 2(a), Strikepods successfully detected, identified, and tracked the Hartford and Connecticut operating at ranges between ████ and at depths of ████. Trenchant was detected, but was initially classified as a Russian Delta IV. While initially considered a fail, the SEASTAR data and system telemetry matched submarine onboard passive sonar data which indicated that a Delta IV had in fact been operating ██████ at the time. SEASTAR had successfully detected both submarines, but a software issue (now fixed) led to a classification error.
  • During Phase 2(b), Strikepods were tasked with detecting, tracking, and identifying six UUVs of varying sizes and acoustic signatures. Strikepods were successful in detecting and identifying all six at ████, and ██, and were able to maintain a track as they transited to ████.
  • Phase 3 - ASW - to commence 04 April 1330Z.

Strikepod Command


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