October 16, 2016 · Robust Purge Atlantic Locust Point 🔶 Fiction

The Battle of Locust Point

The following is a work of speculative fiction, or FICINT (fiction intelligence).

FLASH: Battle Report

On October 14, at 0243 hours EDT, Strikepod Alpha was attacked by CLASSIC-4, resulting in the destruction of the Rogue and Remora-1. Remora-2 counterattacked, destroying CLASSIC-4. What remained of Alpha Pod was ordered to return to base and has been recovered.

Alpha had tracked CLASSIC-4 into the Patapsco River, to a location W of the Key Bridge and a depth of 3.3 meters. It remained there until 0115 hours on October 15, when the Istina abruptly turned and accelerated toward Rogue-1 and detonated. Strikepod Command received word of the attack via Relay-1 at 0118 hours. The order to counterattack was immediately given, resulting in a kill.

As Strikepod Alpha was engaging CLASSIC-4, both Beta and Gamma Relays warned that CLASSIC-1 and CLASSIC-2 were moving at high speed into the Patapsco. Strikepods Beta and Gamma were ordered to seek and destroy, and at 0123 hours, Gamma Remora-1 detonated its explosive payload at a location approximately 150 meters S of Locust Point, and a depth of 5 meters, resulting in a CLASSIC-1 kill. At 0125 hours, Beta Remora-1 detonated its explosive payload at a location approximately 200 meters E of Locust Point, and a depth of 5.5 meters, resulting in a CLASSIC-2 kill.

Beta and Gamma Pods have been ordered back to the mouth of the Patapsco where they will remain until departure of Fleet Week assets, when they will ensure safe passage to the Atlantic.

Analysis to follow.

Strikepod Command


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