August 2, 2017 · Gwisin Yellow Sea Echo DPRK

Echo-1 and Echo-2 Engage Gwisins



Strikepods Echo-1 and Echo-2 engaged four hostile Gwisin-class microsubmarines while enroute to prosecute an unidentified North Korean submarine operating in the Yellow Sea.

  • This morning, at approximately 0545Z, Strikepod Echo-1 reported four contacts approximately 250 km SSW of Haeju at a range of 10 km, baring 195. Onboard acoustic analysis classified the contacts as Gwisin-class microsubmarines.

  • At 0550, Echo-1 transmitted contact data and awaited further instructions. Echo-1 was ordered to remain on station to gather intelligence, and to instruct Echo-2 to proceed to waypoint INDIGO to rendezvous with U.S. attack submarine ███████ . Echo-1 would conduct ISR operations for 24-36 hours before rejoining Echo-2 to assist in prosecution of the DPRK submarine.

  • At 0555 Echo-2 departed the area. At 0557 Strikepod Command received a flash transmission from Echo-1 indicating that the Gwisins had accelerated to 10kts, and were approaching with active sonar pinging. Echo-1 was ordered to prepare for combat and assume a spread formation, and recall Echo-2 to the area.

  • At a range of 2km the Gwisins slowed to approximately 7 kts and moved to encircle Echo-1.

  • At a range of 1km one of the Gwisins charged the Echo-1 rogue. Echo-1 remora(1) moved to intercept, but the Gwisin exhibited an extremely high degree of maneuverability, and was able to evade. Echo-1 remora(2) then engaged the Gwisin, and at a range of 5 meters detonated its explosive payload, disabling, though not destroying it. The blast also partially disabled the Echo-1 rogue.

  • At 0602 Echo-2 arrived and assumed a spread formation, vectoring a remora onto a second attacking Gwisin. Again, the Gwisin demonstrated extreme agility in evading the remora.

  • With the Echo-1 rogue disabled, Echo-2 rogue assumed command, and ordered a third Echo-1 remora to engage the Gwisin. At a range of 1.5 meters, Echo-1 remora(3) detonated its explosive payload, resulting in the destruction of the Gwisin.

  • At 0608 the remaining two Gwisins abruptly turned and retreated. With the loss of three ships - a rogue and two remoras - pursuit was not authorized.

  • Echo-2 absorbed the remaining Echo-1 ships (2 relays, 1 remora) and was ordered to proceed to INDIGO.

  • Diagnostics indicated that Echo-1 rogue's ballasting was undamaged during the attack, and was therefore ordered to await arrival of ██████████ for surface recovery.

Analysis to follow.

Strikepod Command


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