October 6, 2016 · Robust Probe Istina Robust Purge 🔶 Fiction


The following is a work of speculative fiction, or FICINT (fiction intelligence).

Our mission in the Chesapeake Bay is no longer limited to ISR. Accordingly, ROBUST PROBE is now ROBUST PURGE.

In the last twenty four hours, we have detected two new Istina-class submarines, CLASSIC-3 and CLASSIC-4. We have also reacquired CLASSIC-1, and Strikepod Gamma continues to track CLASSIC-2 in the southern Bay region. There are now four known Istinas lurking in the Chesapeake Bay. As we are unsure of their intentions at this time, and with Zumwalt scheduled to arrive early next week, we have ordered all Strikepods to immediately commence prosecuting targets using active sonar to disrupt and expel the vehicles from the Bay.

Should circumstances require, eight armed Remoras are currently on standby.


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