February 16, 2017 · 🇷🇺 Atlantic 🔶 Fiction

Atlantic Istina Detections Surge

The following is a work of speculative fiction, or FICINT (fiction intelligence).

Strikepods prosecuting Operation Robust Probe have observed an alarming increase in Russian micronaval deployments along the east coast of United States. Istina-class submarines have penetrated U.S. territorial waters, and on at least one occasion, an inland waterway.

Specifically, patrols have detected Istinas near major U.S. naval installations, including:

Strikepods have also detected Istina activity in the Chesapeake Bay, and in one case tracked a three-vehicle group up the Potomac River where it lay off Hains Point for approximately three days before returning to the Atlantic.

We believe that Istinas are being sortied from Akula-class submarines currently patrolling approximately two hundred miles off the Atlantic coastline, as well as intelligence ships such as the Vishnya-class Viktor Leonov currently loitering thirty miles off the coast of Naval Submarine Base New London.

At this time Strikepods have not engaged any Istinas as we seek to discern Russian intentions, and gather further technical intelligence.

Strikepod Command

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