July 30, 2017 · Noble Prowl Yellow Sea Echo Gorae

Noble Prowl Update: Yellow Sea


Responding to intelligence that an unidentified North Korean submarine is operating in the Yellow Sea, Strikepod Command immediately vectored Strikepods Echo-1 and Echo-2, both on patrol in the area since the inception of Operation Noble Prowl.

  • Initial reports suggest that the vessel could be a Sinpo/Gorae-class SSBA out of Haeju. Reports also suggest that this submarine was first observed in 2016, and was detected near U.S. - South Korea naval exercises this past April. The deployment comes on the heels of unusual deployment activity in the Sea of Japan.

  • At this time there is no intelligence indicating that an SLBM test launch is imminent. The sortie of a would-be SSBA, or any submarine, may be more for provocation and/or propaganda purposes. Moreover, many analysts agree that the rumored Sinpo-class is not fully operational, and likely more of a test platform.

  • Strikepods to report when they are on station at waypoint INDIGO, approximately 0700Z, 1 Aug.

Strikepod Command


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