September 16, 2016 · Istina 🇷🇺 🔶 Fiction

The Istina-class Microsubmarine


The following is a work of speculative fiction, or FICINT (fiction intelligence).

For several years, U.S. Intelligence has received information indicating the existence of secret naval R&D programs hidden within the military bureaucracies of hostile and would-be hostile nations. The mandate of these programs is quite urgent and specific: To develop fleets of advanced semi and fully autonomous unmanned microsubmarines as a way to counter U.S. naval power. In recent months, reports have surfaced suggesting that highly advanced m-AUVs may have already entered service, and that they are currently engaged in missions across the globe. Some have even suggested that, in addition to survey, mine countermeasures and intelligence applications, these craft have been outfitted with strike capabilities, and that they have already participated in small scale attack operations and micronaval engagements.

There are more questions than answers regarding these submersibles, particularly in denied areas such as Iran and North Korea, however, there is now evidence that the Russian navy has, in fact, successfully developed, tested, and deployed to the fleet an advanced microsubmarine, dubbed the Istina-class. Reports suggest the Istina is modeled on the Yasen or Alfa-class attack submarines, appearing much like a scale model, and is outfitted with highly advanced micro and nano technologies, including a rumored micronuclear reactor which, if true, would enable missions of potentially unlimited duration.

Alpha Pod continues to monitor the situation in the Bay, and we are aggressively revising our timetable for Strikepods Beta and Gamma to enable earlier deployment.

A Yasen-class submarine.

An Alfa-class submarine. Source: Wikipedia

Length: .65 meters
Beam: 12 cm
Propulsion: Micronuclear reactor
Speed: 12-20 kts (submerged)
Test Depth: 100 meters
Armament: H6


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