July 17, 2018 · Dynamic Mongoose CLAXEM 🔶 Fiction Undersea Cyber

Strikepods Complete IW Mission


The following is a work of speculative fiction, or FICINT (fiction intelligence).

Strikepods have engaged in the first unmanned undersea information operation conducted against an adversary, successfully generating a decoy submarine signature using both acoustic and magnetic emissions, and penetrating a Russian undersea network using advanced communication and cryptologic technologies.

The two-pronged undertaking, dubbed Operation Nøkken, after shapeshifting creatures featured in Scandinavian folklore, took place earlier this month in the Norwegian Sea during the annual NATO ASW training exercise Dynamic Mongoose.

Equipped with a powerful micro amplifier and magnetic field generator, the Clandestine Access and Emission (CLAXEM) module is capable of generating the acoustic and magnetic signatures of a range of adversary and allied submarines.

The CLAXEM module is also equipped with Minuet, a suite of covert undersea communications technologies, including highly advanced signal processing and cryptologic technologies.

The approximate Dynamic Mongoose exercise area.

REPORT: Nokken I

In the early morning of 1 July, 2018, a Russian Akula-class submarine (GOBLIN) was detected approximately three kilometers north/northeast of the Dynamic Mongoose exercise perimeter. Shortly thereafter, ARCHER, a CLAXEM-equipped twelve-ship Strikepod, was dispatched to an area approximately five kilometers west of GOBLIN.


Phase II of Operation Nøkken began two days later with the detection of Istina-class microsubmarines launched from GOBLIN.

All mission objectives and CLAXEM performance objectives were met or exceeded expectations.

At this time we await further information concerning the deployment of STOWAWAY.

Strikepod Command


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