October 12, 2016 · Istina Alpha Pod Robust Purge 🔶 Fiction

CLASSIC-3 moving into Patapsco

The following is a work of speculative fiction, or FICINT (fiction intelligence).


At approximately 1935 hours EDT, Strikepod Alpha reported that CLASSIC-3 had deviated from its patrol pattern, and began moving on a heading of 310 into the Patapsco River. CLASSIC-4, however, remained on station.

We immediately deployed armed Remoras to rendezvous with each Strikepod, four for Alpha, and two each for Beta and Gamma. In addition, we moved to divide Strikepod Alpha in order to allow simultaneous prosecution of CLASSIC-3 and CLASSIC-4. We dynamically reconfigured Remora-1 as Rogue-2, and assigned to it Remora-2, Remora-3, and Relay-2, creating a temporary splinter pod. Splinter Pod (Alpha) will continue to prosecute CLASSIC-3, while Rogue-1, Remora-4, and Relay-1 remain on station to prosecute CLASSIC-4.

Strikepod Headquarters is now on high alert. We are prepared to engage the Istina, but are delaying action as we await further intelligence.

Strikepod Command


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