Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Strikepod Systems do?

We imagine micronaval warfare and autonomous underdea conflict. We generate critical insights in the form of anticipatory intelligence, immersive simulations, and speculative naval fiction.

What is Strikepod Command™?

Strikepod Command™ is a wargame focused on micronaval warfare and the Atom-class microsubmarine, a highly advanced micro autonomous underwater vehicle (m-AUV). We believe the current explosion in AUV research and development is heralding a new era in naval warfare - an era defined by autonomy and miniaturization. We created Strikepod Command to model conflict in this new environment, and founded Strikepod Systems to provide policymakers and warfighters with insights and analyses related thereto.

What is real-time speculative naval fiction?

Real-time speculative naval fiction combines current, real-world situations with speculative platforms and CONOPS in order to generate actionable insights and intelligence, offering warfighters and policymakers bold new thinking to better anticipate the challenges - and opportunities - of autonomous undersea conflict.

So you're not fake news?

No. Strikepod Systems is not fake news. We use fiction as a medium to envision the future of naval warfare.

Why do you call them microsubmarines when everyone else calls them UUVs or AUVs?

We feel that there needs to be a singular terminology for simplicity, consistency, and precision. UUVs and AUVs are often used interchangeably (though, one can argue that they are not always the same thing), which is fine, but when used in combination with other military acronyms, of which they are many, we feel that the resulting "alphabet soup" is cumbersome. Moreover, we believe the term microsubmarine is a more accurate depiction of the role that these systems will play in future conflict. That is, they will be more than payloads, but rather a fully capable platform that is fully networked into the wider grid of distributed maritime operations.

What is a Strikepod?

A Strikepod is a distributed network of Atom-class microsubmarines programmed to execute missions of varying scale and complexity, such as anti-submarine warfare (ASW), intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), mine countermeasures (MCM), and time-critical strike (TCS).

Working within a broader grid composed of base ships, stationary sensors, and other AUVs, Strikepods provide near-complete undersea situational awareness, persistent access to denied areas, and wide operating coverage. They can be comprised of any number of vessels depending on the nature and complexity of the mission at hand.

Can I play Strikepod Command™?

Not yet! It's still under development, and is more of a writing engine at this time, but you can read accounts on the blog, and, eventually, full reports.